Ausbildungszentrum für Bier


Just a few kilometres from the Hirt brewery lies the picturesque village of Sankt Salvator in the Metnitz Valley, where the BeerCademy first opened its gates in late August 2012, offering a colourful mix of learning opportunities in all things beer-related. The BeerCademy aims at providing a platform for all beer enthusiasts where they can meet like-minded people and deepen their knowledge about beer. The course programme drawn up by the training centre offers something for everyone – from hobby brewers who have always wanted to brew their own beer to top-level restaurateurs who want to wow their guests with perfect beer-and-food combinations. All our customers will be catered for by our expert team of trainers. Induction courses provide an overview of the fascinating world of beers, while specialised seminars, for instance on food-and-beer combinations, aim at providing expert knowledge.

Further training courses, for instance certified beer sommelier courses, increase career opportunities for professionals and top-level training events make beer-related knowledge accessible to everyone. The world of beer is multi-faceted and beer-related expertise fills entire libraries. The BeerCademy in Sankt Salvator is a completely new institution, independent of breweries or professional associations, that addresses the international beer community and provides beer-related training at the very highest level.